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Sn 1− x W x S 2 alloys are synthesized with 1T SnS 2 as the template by adjusting the molar ratios of precursors. The Sn 0.3 W 0.7 S 2 alloy shows up to 83% metallic properties and possess a distorted octahedral coordination 1T′ phase structure.

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Multifunctional Materials is a new multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing original research of the highest quality and impact covering all aspects of multifunctional materials, including fundamental concepts to integrate multiple functions, characterisation of

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21/11/2018· Descriptions: Stylish and fashionable appearance. Made of high temperature resistant environmental food grade materials. Design of recycle heating in low pow

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Art. no. 3791 50 3: 2 high-quality "crocodile clips" for a firm grip on the battery terminals Art. no. 3791 50 4 1: 1 short red cable piercer for quick and direct contact in the cable Art. no. 3791 50 5 2: 1 long black cable piercer for quick and direct contact in the


MASTECH MS6300 MULTIFUNCTIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL METER MASTECH MS 6300 6 IN 1( Temperature Humidity Light Anemo Meter Air Flow( CMM) Sound Level meter) 5 in 1 meter BI.ET 965 MS 6700 MS 6701 READY STOCK Harga Rp

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a, Structure of Na 2 FePO 4 F taken from single-crystal data shown along the [100] direction, together with the XRD pattern and Rietveld analysis of a single-phase microcrystalline powder of the same material; lattice parameters in Pbcn are a=5.2200(2) Å, b=13

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Ultra low offset voltage: 25 μV typ, 100 μV max Rail-to-rail input/output voltage swing Operating from 2.7 V to 5.5 V High speed: 1.9 MHz 45 phase margin with 100 pF Low consumption: 0.8 mA at 2.7 V Very large signal voltage gain: 131 dB High

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21/9/2014· We report the fabriion and device characteristics of exfoliated, few-layer, dual-gated ReS2 field effect transistors (FETs). The ReS2 FETs display n-type behavior with a room temperature Ion/Ioff of 105. Many devices were studied with a maximum intrinsic mobility

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Pulse power sources can produce high temperature or high-density extreme conditions within a short time. They have been introduced to various fields such as those in laser, fusion research, the production of plasma, shockwaves in water, water treatment, and

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The Adjustble Digital DC Power Current Source is for standard lamp and all other dc lamps. Voltage and current range can be designed according to request. DC3005S is Adjustble Digital DC Power Current Source for standard lamp. Function and technical

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A multi-function environment meter that coines the functions of a sound level meter, light meter, humidity meter and temperature meter. Typical sound appliions include checking acoustics of recording studios, auditoriums and professional hi-fi installations. The

Multifunctional Materials - IOPscience

Multifunctional Materials is a new multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing original research of the highest quality and impact covering all aspects of multifunctional materials, including fundamental concepts to integrate multiple functions, characterisation of

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Alpha Electronics offers a full range of multifunction testers from leading manufacturers including Megger, Fluke & Metrel - Introducing the NEW Megger MFT1741 with Sign me up to receive news I have read your privacy policy and understand how you will use

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8/10/2019· Especially, 3D Ni3S2 nanorod arrays electrode is shown to be a high-performance water electrolyzer with a cell voltage of 1.63 V at current density of 10 mA cm-2 for overall water splitting. Therefore, the results demonstrate a promising multifunctional 3D

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6/2/2019· SiO 2 nanoparticles are added with the aim to restrain the crystallinity and improve ionic conductivity. Here, the obtained S-GPE achieves a high ionic conductivity of 8.9 × 10 –4 S cm –1 at room temperature and effective dendrites inhibition.

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Brisbane Office 2 Adelaide Office Hobart Office Book a Job Account CEM Multifunctional Environmental Meter High Voltage Equipment Bili Meter Ship Repair And Supplies Services Underground Utility Detection Horizontal Tensile Test Beds Australia wide

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It is worth mentioning that the output voltage is only 119 V, since the input impedance of the measuring instrument for open-circuit output voltage (digital Multimeter, Keithley DMM 7510) is merely 10 MΩ, which is much smaller than those of MDO3052 mixed44,45

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Materials Today is the flagship journal of the Materials Today family and is dedied to covering the most innovative, cutting edge and influential work of broad interest to the materials science community. Having established the journal as one of the most highly

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29/4/2019· Air-Quality Sensors: Redefining Environmental Sensing By Bill Schweber for Mouser Electronics There has always been a widespread need for electronic sensors that can handle a diverse range of physical phenomena, such as light, pressure, sound, and, of course

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The transformer will enable low-loss and extremely efficient high-voltage direct-current The directive aims to improve energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and thus to reduce CO 2 emissions. Siemens transformers can be designed to fulfill

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High-voltage generators of diagnostic X-ray generators Therapeutic X-ray equipment operating in the range 10 kV to 1 MV Dosimeters used in radiotherapy with electrically-connected radiation detectors Nerve and muscle stimulators Gamma beam therapy

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To be used for EMC Tests requiring AC Magnetic Fields Power frequency magnetic fields are generated by AC current flowing in conductors. The normal 50/60Hz mains power cord is a good example, although currents with other frequencies may be present

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IEEE Appliion Guide for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis UL 67 (2) A device that interconnects a protective relay system to an independent computer, for example, a scanner or a buffer amplifier correct relaying

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14/2/2018· Designing high-quality interfaces is crucial for high-performance photoelectrochemical (PEC) water-splitting devices. Here, we demonstrate a facile integration between polycrystalline n+p-Si and NiFe-layered double hydroxide (LDH) nanosheet array by a partially